Spend less time tracking, certifying, auditing, and reviewing your vendors/suppliers.

You can easily collect and track data across projects and organizations. The B2Gnow system assigns the responsibility of reporting data to those who have the data in the first place – the vendors/suppliers. Our easy-to-use system is accessible to suppliers and vendors on any device – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Intuitive alerts keep both the suppliers and program staff informed of tasks, next steps and current progress. Also, the data collection process is highly configurable to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

The Result: Data Collection Success

B2Gnow software users (staff and suppliers/contractors) are happy to use the system because it makes their lives easier. Many already have login credentials, and with single sign on, users can maintain their certifications, view and manage contracts, attend a training class, and more from a single dashboard.

Your brand. Your system.

The system portal used by your staff and contractors/suppliers to access the system is branded specifically to your organization. All system generated communication - email, fax, hardcopy - is also branded to your requirements. Prominent branding of your organization helps increase user adoption and response rates, which all lead to higher quality and more comprehensive data collection.

Tracking Time Savers

Easily track good faith efforts, opportunities, responses, diverse spend amounts, contractor relationships and more. Every action facilitated through B2Gnow stays in the system for use in workflow view as it’s needed, or to be used in one of our 400 standard reports.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have cut costs, reduced overhead expenses and held my breath during the economic lull. All I need to respond to the MWBE Payment Confirmation is a Smart Phone and a few minutes between landscape jobs. I REALLY appreciate the forethought and sophistication of this reporting system. Someone thought the whole process through, and I thank you all.”

Landscape Builders, Inc.

  • over 400 Diversity Management Clients
  • $2.2 trillion Monitored Contracts
  • 3.3 Million Certification Records