“There’s a report for that!”

With over 400 standard reports in our system, we’ve probably got a report that would make your reporting anxiety a thing of the past.

Take advantage of B2Gnow’s extensive and flexible reporting options: 400+ standard reports available in multiple formats, powerful search and export capabilities, a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool, and PowerBI for creating dashboards.  Custom reports are also available for unique reporting needs.  Commercial clients can create both region specific and nation wide reports. B2Gnow’s collaborative architecture makes it possible to draw from data across regions and perform analysis and/or studies in conjunction with other organizations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This system makes the monthly reporting so much faster and easier. What I know about computers I have pretty much learned hands on and since we didn't have computers when I went to school, it took a while but it is time saving and saves on paper and all, you just go one, two, three."

All Pests Controlled, Inc.

"I love this website. It is so user friendly. Most of all we are saving trees and dollars on postage."

Pulse Medical Inc.

  • over 400 Diversity Management Clients
  • $2.2 trillion Monitored Contracts
  • 3.3 Million Certification Records